12v To 240v Power Inverter

12v To 240v Power Inverter

Output wave form: Pure sine wave output (THD<3%)
Power ON-OFF switch
Thermo control cooling fan
Two-color indicators display power and fault status
Max efficiency to 92.5%

Product Details

Product Features

1. Pure sine wave output; no damage to electrical equipment, effective protection of load; self-contained UPS conversion function, high-speed conversion, conversion time less than 5ms; ensure the uninterrupted use of electricity;

2. CPU management, intelligent control, modular composition, after-sales maintenance more convenient;

3. High conversion efficiency, conversion efficiency of 90-95% under half-load environment, 99% over mains environment, low air consumption, loss between 1W and 6W in energy saving mode, high efficiency and energy saving;

4. Intelligent temperature control fan, more energy-efficient, longer life;

5. Accept customization, DC input DC36V, DC48V, DC60V, DC72V, DC84V, DC96V, DC110V, DC120V, DC220V, etc., AC output AC100V, AC110V, AC120V, AC220V, AC230V, AC240V power.


1. Railway power generation, industrial control, communication exchange;

2. Vehicle-mounted civilian office, industrial agriculture, military medical field, and ship transportation;

3. Solar power, wind power, gas power generation;

4. Incandescent lamps, refrigerators, air conditioners, computers, printers, air pumps, water pumps, induction cookers, microwave ovens, etc.;


Model No.SKP-500W
InputDC voltage12V24V48V
No load current draw<0.4A<0.22A<0.11A
Voltage range10.8~15VDC21~30VDC41~56VDC
DC connectorCables with Clips or Car Adapter
OutputAC voltage110V±10% / 220V±10%
Rated power500W
Peak power1000W
Waveform(THD)Pure sine wave (<3%)
Frequency60Hz±0.3% / 50Hz±0.3%
ProtectionLow voltage alarm10.2~10.8VDC20.4VDC40.8VDC
Low voltage shut down9.5VDC19.5VDC38.5VDC
Over voltage shut down15.5VDC30.5VDC61.2VDC
Over loadShut Off Output
Over thermalShut Off Output Automatically
FusesShort Circuit
EnvironmentWorking temperature-10℃~+50℃
Working humidity10%~90% RH
Storage temperature-20℃~+50℃
PackageMachine size210*150*70mm
Packing size270*200*140mm
OthersStartSoft Start
Cooling waysCooling Fan

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