300 Watt Power Inverter

300 Watt Power Inverter

Output wave form: Pure sine wave output (THD<3%)
Power ON-OFF switch
Thermo control cooling fan
Two-color indicators display power and fault status
Max efficiency to 92.5%
Topology: Microprocessor

Product Details


1. Pure sine wave output, suitable for household appliances such as TV sets, refrigerators, induction cookers, fans, microwave ovens, air conditioners, etc.

2. Can withstand 3 times rated power start, high load capacity

3. Over 88% inverter efficiency, energy saving mode

4. Can be used with electricity, solar power, diesel generators mix

5. When the load is less than 50W, the machine will change to power saving mode

6. Automatic correction of power factor, more energy-efficient than ordinary charger

7. Input under/over voltage/short circuit/overload protection

8.LED display work and charge status

9. Remote control interface RJ11, RS232 (optional)


Model No. SKP-300W
Input DC voltage 12V 24V 48V
No load current draw <0.2A <0.12A <0.6A
 Voltage range 10.8~15VDC 21~30VDC 41~56VDC
Efficiency 88%~92%
 DC connector Cables with Clips or Car Adapter
Output AC voltage 110V±10% / 220V±10%
Rated power 300W
Peak power 600W
Waveform(THD) Pure sine wave (<3%)
Frequency 60Hz±0.3% / 50Hz±0.3%
Protection Low voltage alarm 10.2~10.8VDC 20.4VDC 40.8VDC
 Low voltage shut down 9.5VDC 19.5VDC 38.5VDC
Over voltage shut down 15.5VDC 30.5VDC 61.2VDC
Over load Shut Off Output
Over thermal Shut Off Output Automatically
Fuses  Short Circuit
Environment Working temperature -10℃~+50℃
Working humidity 10%~90% RH
Storage temperature -20℃~+50℃
Package Machine size 150*130*52mm
Packing size 260*195*95mm
N.W 1.0kg
G.W 1.2kg
Others Start Soft Start
Cooling ways Cooling Fan



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