Let's Go,Sino-k LOGO

- Mar 21, 2018-

We're green!

Sino-k is green!

Our manufacture is new!

And Sino-k and Sino-k's People are Young!

But our skills ,our ideas ,our goods are not greeen!They just born in other place to re-born.

Everything is the newest!Re-designed is full of our ideas ,our dream ,our brand,our Sino-k.

We're proud of our LOGO,Sino-k LOGO!

SINO-K main products include the Waterproof DC-DC Boost-Buck Converter, High-Frequency Switching Power Supply, DC-AC Power Inverter, On/Off-grid Inverter and public health series products, widely used in automobiles, ships, telecommunications, solar system, military and aerospace, medical and other industrial equipments. 

sino-k LOGO3.pngsino-k LOGO2.png

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